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Mission and values

From the very beginning, founding the first company of the Group, we decided what the aim of our business is. The name of the Group - «Partners» - symbolizes our view of the etalon relationships between reliable and mature companies. We are confident that especially partnership, not «client-executive» relationships, is the basis of strong and trusting business.


  • Liability and partnership. Our service liability, their quality,timeliness providing and specificity – is our part in building partner relationships with our clients.
  • Reliability and quality of our services is inalienable part of our business. High bar, set by our companies from the very beginning is higher from year to year in parallel with Group development.
  • Transparency and publicity are the basis of our openness to our clients and leads. Report management technologies, implemented in Group, allows our clients to control and assess our work by themselves in any moment convenient for them.
  • Security and reputation of the Group is one of the main values for us. We are not rushing for money. We came to the market, confidently  consolidated and will continue development together with our Partners. We value both reputation and security of our Clients and Group.

OUR MOTTO IS: «Reliability is partners’ value»

The Group’s motto symbolize the basis of the Group’s business. Primordial, we oriented to the creation of benefits for our clients’ business. We are a realistic thinking team, that’s why achieving of our aims we divided into separate stages

Today, we have already passed the way from the resource provider to the service provider for our clients. However, on the way to our aim there are two more stages: «Partner» and «Innovator». The direction of our forces to achieve such positions is innovative stage in Ukrainian business. We are not oriented to the cost minimization – we aspire to solve our clients’ problems.